Bolt Factory Introduction Product Maintenance Precautions


  Although the bolt is small, it has a great effect. Th […]

  Although the bolt is small, it has a great effect. The use of the bolt requires regular maintenance to ensure the safer use of the bolt, and it can prolong the service life of the bolt and improve the performance of mechanical equipment. Today, there is our professional bolt factory - Haiyan Yihui Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce this knowledge for you.

  When we are performing maintenance on bolts, there are three major problems:

  1. When the bolt is quenched, use a silicate cleaning agent to clean up the impurities on it, and then carefully rinse it to avoid the impurities remaining on the bolt, which will affect its normal application.

  2 After the bolt is tempered, its color may change. After soaking the bolt on ether for a period of time, an oily substance will be generated. If this happens, the bolt is not clean enough. After analysis, it will be found that when the bolts are heated, the stacking is not very reasonable, and the bolts may have some small oxidation phenomena in the quenching oil.

  3. If there is a white substance on the bolt, it is likely to be some phosphide. The reason for this phenomenon is that the acid washing machine is not used for cleaning, and the rinsing tank is not carefully checked.

  The above problems must be paid attention to, which will directly to affect the performance of the bolt, and may also cause the shortening of the service life to the bolt and the early damage of the bolt.

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