Carriage Bolt Manufacturer Makes Commonly Used Carriage Bolt


  Carriage Bolt is most commonly used for exterior appl […]

  Carriage Bolt is most commonly used for exterior applications, with round heads and flatheads. In some cases, these building fasteners are called Carriage Bolt or plow bolts, but many different sizes of Carriage Bolt can be found at online fastener distributors and local stores.

  Carriage Bolt is used to fixing wood and must be inserted into the pre-drilled hole. There is a square part of the round head and the bolt extends downwards. The square connector allow the bracket bolt to fit snugly into the hole and tighten the bolt with the nut and secure it in place.

  Depending on the application, bracket bolts with various lengths are available, which vary from a diameter and material. The size of the pre-drilled hole should be just right for the bolt - too large, the bolt will loosen, and the continuous movement may cause the fastener to be damaged. If the bolt is too small, the bolt will tighten the wood, causing the wood to crack and crack.

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