Square Bolt Surface Anti-corrosion Treatment


  If a completely corrosion-resistant alloy is used to […]

  If a completely corrosion-resistant alloy is used to make square bolts, unless there is a special need, the side is unrealistic from an economic point of view. Or the surface of the square bolt is completely isolated from environmental factors that may cause corrosion. In practice, It may not be easy to pass. It may be very difficult. Improved metal structure design can improve the impact of special circumstances in one of the cases. However, most screws are not designed to be fully modified. The protection is not permanent. Therefore, this method can not solve the problem at all. Only the interface is anti-corrosion. Surface anti-corrosion treatment is currently the most widely used method.

  Square bolt surface anti-corrosion treatment refers to the application of a protective layer on the metal surface by various methods. Its function is to isolate the metal from the corrosive environment, inhibit the corrosion process, or minimize the corrosive medium (determination) The substance is in contact with the surface of the metal and is evenly distributed to a certain thickness to prevent or mitigate corrosion. Small precision screws, also called small screws, are tiny fasteners that connect the material of the product. They are small in shape, but they play a key role in the key parts of Hula. Widely used in electronics, electrical, electrical, furniture, mechanical equipment and so on. Electrical screws are "quantity products", not handmade art. In mass production, they are supplied to consumers with high precision and stable quality and popular price. The main purpose of the customized screws is to make the industrial products into one piece. In the use, the teeth and the teeth cannot be tightly sealed, the screws are broken too much, or the broken teeth are not tight, and the conditions are not met. Quality accuracy issues. The protective layer is usually divided into two types: metal coating and non-metal coating. Metal coating refers to the formation of a protective layer on the surface of a metal that is easily corroded by a highly corrosion-resistant metal or alloy. This coating is also called a coating. There are quite a variety of coating methods. The most common one is electroplating. The second is molten metal immersion and chemical surface treatment.

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