Stainless Steels Cap Screw Antirust Process


  It is also common to our daily life that although sta […]

  It is also common to our daily life that although stainless steel does not rust, the surface is often stained. Stainless steel cap screw are a bit more difficult than ordinary stainless steel, so some tricks should be used to deal with them.

  Generally, according to the washing method of the surface state, we should also pay attention to some specific matters.

  For example, please be careful not to scratch the surface when washing. Avoid using bleaching ingredients and abrasive-containing detergents, steel balls (brush rollers), and abrasive tools. To remove the detergents, rinse the surface with clean water after washing.

  Labels and stickers, scrub with warm water and weak detergent; dust and easy to remove scale, wash with soap, weak lotion or warm water; adhesive component, use alcohol or organic solution; rust caused by surface pollutants, use Wash with nitric acid (10%) or abrasive detergent-use special washing medicines with too much rainbow pattern, caused by using detergent or oil, use warm water neutral detergent when washing.

  Fat, oil, lubricating oil contamination Wipe dry with a soft cloth or paper, then wash with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special washing medicine; fingerprints, use alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene), and wipe with a soft cloth After drying, wash with water; bleach and seed acids are immediately washed with water, soaked in ammonia or neutral carbonated soda solution, and then washed with neutral detergent or warm water.

  Welding discoloration due to heat, after washing with 10% nitric acid or hydrofluoric acid solution and then neutralizing with ammonia carbonic acid soda solution and then washing stainless steel cap screws with water--specially used for washing drugs; organic carbides are immersed in hot neutral detergent Or ammonia solution and then wash with a weakly abrasive detergent, and so on.

  Using these methods to clean stainless steel products can try to ensure that the surface damage to stainless steel is minimized to make the stainless steel products look more comfortable and comfortable to use.

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