Anti-corrosion Method Of Round Head Bolt


The anti-corrosion technology of Round Head Bolt is the […]

The anti-corrosion technology of Round Head Bolt is the unremitting pursuit of the industry. In theory, there are four main methods of anti-corrosion of round head bolts:

  1. Control the data itself;
  2. Use the environment;
  3. Improve the design of metal structures;
  4. Interface between data and environment.

From the economic point of view, the first three methods are simply not feasible: if the anti-corrosion alloy materials are used to manufacture the fasteners, unless there is special demand, it is very uneconomical; the appearance and corrosion of the round head bolts Separation of the environment is also unworkable; the design of most round head bolts cannot be fully corrected, and its maintenance function is not durable, so it is not possible to basically deal with the problem; the most common method currently used is the anti-corrosion using round head bolts. technology.

Appearance of anti-corrosion treatment refers to the application of maintenance layer on the ball-end bolt by various methods. Its function is to isolate the metal from the corrosive environment to suppress the corrosion process or reduce the contact between the corrosive medium and the metal surface. Or reduce the purpose of corrosion.

The anti-corrosion layer of the ball stud should meet the following requirements:

  1. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high hardness;
  2. The structure is strict, intact, and the pores are small.
  3. Strong separation forces from the base metal and good adhesion;
  4. Average dispersion and thickness controllable.

The most common anti-corrosion technology used in the past is the traditional electroplating technology, but the technology has its advantages and its fatal defects. For example, the thickness cannot be evenly distributed. When complex round head bolts is encountered, uneven plating may occur. Comprehensive thinking, the up-and-coming alloy catalytic fluid technology in the market satisfies the four requirements of anti-corrosion of round-head bolts in theory. Dongguan Fenggang Jiayan Hardware Products Factory helps many round-head bolt customers to perfect the technology and reach the round head bolts to wear more More anti-corrosive properties.

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