Challenges For Hex Bolt Manufacturer?


    This year has been a difficult year for the hex bol […]

    This year has been a difficult year for the hex bolt manufacturer. The hexagonal bolt industry is gradually disappearing on the battlefield, and the future comparison is soft power. The stronger will be stronger, and the weaker will withdraw from the industry.

  These speculations are now becoming a reality. Hex bolts are lacking in the market. In the early stage of development, the performance of hex bolt businesses has slowed down. At the same time, changes in the domestic and foreign environments have exposed businesses to unprecedented burdens of survival.

  Domestic environment-raw materials and labor costs are rising, commodity costs continue to fall, environmental protection is becoming stricter, and fierce competition is fierce; international environment-Sino-US trade war has shrunk exports, and hex bolt manufacturers in emerging markets are booming. These disadvantages persist in the year. Of course, when the market is suffering from bottlenecks, the new field of high-tech thresholds shows unprecedented heat

  I. Slower growth

  Numerically, although China's hexagon bolts are still growing steadily on the market, the overall improvement momentum has slowed downed significantly. Hex bolts slowed down in the market, and merchants lacked the incentive to improve. In addition to the increase in raw material costs and labor funds, the cost of hexagonal bolts has continued to decline, which has reduced the profit margin and further affected the performance of hexagonal bolt merchants.

  Trade frictions

  The trade friction that has lasted for more than half a year has greatly affected the growth rate of the domestic economy; in addition, it has also limited the export of Chinese goods to a certain extent.

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