The Production Processes Of A Square Bolt


  The square bolt looks like a small thing, but it is v […]

  The square bolt looks like a small thing, but it is very complicated for its production process. If we do not make a good understanding and thinking, we will not really understand the product of this square bolt. Let ’s take a look at how to make a small square bolt, which will be the square bolt we often use.

  The first link is the plate element, which is to understand the factory plate, product name, specifications, material, weight, and quantity according to the actual requirements. The manufacturer purchases suitable wire rods. It is worth our attentions to choose a low content Will to be better.

  The second step are annealing. Such a step will slowly increase its forging performance, which is beneficial to our later processing.

  The third step are pickling, which is actually the surface treatment, which is convenient for the next step.

  The fourth step are to draw the thread. The pickling just now is for this step.

  The fifth step are to start and complete the shaping of the teeth.

  The sixth step are to heat-treat it. Such conditions will change its mechanical properties.

  The seventh step are electroplating. It is important to ensure that the surface is beautiful according to the customer's requirements.

  The above is the entire manufacturing process of our square bolts. The implementation of each step will affect the next step.

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