Choose The Square Bolt And Choose Haiyan Yihui


     The strength of steel-structured square bolt is mu […]

     The strength of steel-structured square bolt is much higher than that of ordinary bolts. Because it is used in different places, it is required that the steel structure square bolts have a higher level of rigidity, which requires special treatment.

    The steel structural square bolts is a high strength bolt and is also a standard part. Better fastening performance for steel structures, engineering, and tightening. For a better construction, the steel square bolts must first be tightened and tightened. Initially tightening steel square bolts requires an impact electric wrench or a torque adjustable electric wrench. There are strict requirements for bolts. Torsion-cut electric wrenches must be used to tighten the torsion-cut steel square bolts. A torsion-type electric wrench must be used to tighten the torsion-cut steel square bolts. The large hexagonal steel square bolt consists of one bolt, one nut, and two washers.

     When installing steel square bolts, the torque wrench should be tightened so that the steel square bolts produce a very large and controllable preload. The same size of friction are produced on the pre-connector by the nut and the lining. Under the action of pre-tension, a large frictional force is generated along the surface of the connector. Obviously, as long as the sliding force is less than the frictional force, sufficient components will not slip. This is the connection principle of steel structural square bolts.

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