What Kind Of Bolt Factory Is Chosen?


Do you know how to choose the angle bolts so that we ca […]

Do you know how to choose the angle bolts so that we can have no worries in the later stage? We can't underestimate the small bolts, but his role is very important. Bolt Factory - Haiyan Yihui Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., produces precision and durable bolts, complete series, welcome to choose.

      Bolts are mainly used in industrial and civil buildings, railway bridges, highway bridges, pipeline bridges, tower mast structures, boiler racks, boiler steel structures, large-span industrial buildings, high-rise civil buildings, various towers, light steel structures, lifting appliances and Other steel structures.

     The company adheres to the service of considerate service, mutual benefit, establishes customer value, integrity management, team spirit, continuous development, providing customers with high-quality screw hardware products, positive, harmonious and innovative. Management philosophy and professional quality. We rely on a comprehensive quality inspection system to ensure the quality of our products. In management, in terms of bolt standards, the company adheres to the "people-oriented", scientific management principles of bolt specifications, with "strong strength, quality of national standards, scientific management, quality service, actual price" and sincere cooperation with customers. With you to develop together, and strive to become the respected corporate vision of the fastener sales industry.

    Our company continuously introduces advanced equipment, strives to cultivate the core of enterprise technology, strengthens product technology, design and manufacture, strictly controls every production link, further improves the technical level of the enterprise and ensures the excellent quality of the products!

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