Correct Use And Selection Of Bolt Factory


  Precautions for the use of bolts: Stainless steel and […]

  Precautions for the use of bolts: Stainless steel and carbon steel have essential differences. Stainless steel has good ductility. When used improperly, the screw and nut can not be unscrewed. That is commonly known as "locked" or "bited." Improving locks can be considered mainly from the following aspects:

  1. Choose the bolt correctly:

  (1) Before using, confirm whether the mechanical properties of the product can meet the requirements of use (such as the tensile strength of the bolt and the safety load of the nut);

  (2) The length of the bolt should be selected properly, and the 1-2 tooth pitches of the nut should be exposed after tightening.

  2. Reduce the coefficient of friction:

  (1) The thread remains clean;

  (2) Add a suitable lubricant before use (eg 40# engine oil, butter).

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