Round Head Bolt Anti-loose Solution


  To use the round head bolts on the product materials, […]

  To use the round head bolts on the product materials, we have to let our screws not be dropped down lightly. We need to connect the screws with the product materials more tightly, then we know that the round head bolts are loosened. What are the plans?

  1. Apply a layer of glue to the thread of the ball stud, so-called dispensing. This glue is called a drop-resistant glue. This glue has high adhesion, non-toxic and other good properties. This glue is applied to the ball studs and, after drying, the adhesion is super strong. The ball screw can be screwed into the nut thread, or the meshing hole of the product can be combined to produce a super-tightening effect.

  2, the use of special materials for resilience, such as engineering resin materials, it has a good rebound. Attach it to the stud bolt pattern. Mechanically rub it with the nut, or the material product. Produces vibration and absolute resistance. Completely solve the screw loose problem.

  When the round head bolts are loosened, we can solve the problem according to the above solution. The round head bolt anti-loose is a problem that we all need to pay attention to. The correct method of using the round head bolts is what we need to do.

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