How To Benign Develop Bolt Factory In China


 China's bolt factories must cultivate their talents an […]

 China's bolt factories must cultivate their talents and have their technology to win better development.
 To improve the technical level, the Bolt Factory must first start with equipment improvement and technical improvement, and produce high-end fasteners to replace imported products. I believe that after the technical performance of each product reaches the level of imported products, domestic enterprises will not take a long way to go to import, which is a favorable trend of the bolt factory in the current situation.
 The benign development of a bolt factory must establish the core competitiveness of the enterprise and the intrinsic motivation to cultivate the industry. However, most of the bolt factories in China are lack of innovative ability, lack of advanced technology for intellectual property rights, lack of technical talents, and no production team. Stable, front-line employees are not adequately trained and have large liquidity. The daily production of enterprises is poor to cope with the complicated low-end or lower-end products, passive production mode and unstable market environment. It is undeniable that the existence of endogenous defects such as lack of human resources, lack of core technology and weak market expansion will hurt the development of the industry.

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