How To Identify The Authenticity Of The Bolt Factory


Anyone who has purchased or is purchasing custom bolts […]

Anyone who has purchased or is purchasing custom bolts knows that there are a large number of search bolt factories on the Internet, the technical strength is uneven, the advertising is overwhelming, and the technology is fully capable, and all kinds of promises are guaranteed...

For example: "The net rating of 2019 bolts top ten brands", many of the networks are unreal, seeing three-pointed fakes, even more untrustworthy. In the past few years, the network red has become a concept, how to create a network red? I must have thought of unexpected surprises to attract others' attention.

How to distinguish the authenticity of the bolt factory is particularly important. Let's follow our specific analysis.

1. Check the company. The corporate look and feel can be packaged, but the actual content built in is not hidden. Enter the company name through the official website. The establishment time, structure, legal person, company status, and credit of the company is clear at a glance.

2. Look at the factory scale field visit, which is one of the hardware that can best reflect the development of the enterprise. Through the scale, we can see the facilities and various comprehensive strengths of the enterprise. But no one will deny that a formal enterprise is better than a small workshop, and it can provide better after-sales service.

2. Look at the manufacturer's case to understand the past cases of the manufacturer, which can reflect the manufacturer's production level and customer base. If there is a large brand, the strength of the company will be upgraded to another level. After all, the brand will have a higher inspection and review when selecting the partner. At the same time, you can also determine which equipment you choose form your product.

3. Look at the customer's word of mouth, through the manufacturers who bought the company's screw machine to understand the general situation of the equipment and after-sales, so that you can better obtain valuable information, let people better choose a satisfactory screw machine manufacturers.

4. Whether you have a high-tech enterprise certificate, you can directly ask if it is a high-tech enterprise certificate issued by the state, because this is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and has strict requirements for R&D personnel, R&D investment, and knowledge products.

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