Analysis on the Export and Development Direction of China's Fastener Industry in 2018


Fasteners are the most widely used mechanical foundatio […]

Fasteners are the most widely used mechanical foundation. Since the reform and opening up, China has built a professional production system for fasteners with the highest quality, largest scale and complete specifications in the world, and has become the world's largest fastener export and production base.
According to the data, the United States accounted for the top spot in China's fastener export regions in 2016-2017, followed by Japan and Russia. With the cancellation of anti-dumping duties by the European Union, the number of fasteners exported to Germany in 2017 rose from sixth place in 2016 to fourth place.
2016-2017 fastener export value in different regions (unit: billion US dollars)
Source: Safety Production Supervision Authority
According to the data, in 2017, China's Hong Kong exports 33,600 tons of fasteners, the export value of 167.53 million US dollars, the unit price reached 5,000 US dollars / ton, the highest unit price of export fasteners; followed by Vietnam, export unit price of 2134 US dollars / ton .
In 2017, the top five provinces and cities in China exported fasteners were Zhejiang Province ($2.544 billion), Jiangsu Province ($619 million), Guangdong Province ($528 million), Shanghai ($498 million), and Shandong. The province ($241 million), the top five export accounts for 87.65% of China's fastener exports.

Direction of development
1, green design
Green design and manufacturing refers to the modern design and manufacturing model that takes into account environmental impact and resource efficiency under the premise of ensuring product function, quality and cost. The specific content of fastener green design and manufacturing can be summarized as: system design, parallelization, optimization and paperless, virtualized test process; product cycle life cycle clean.
2, intelligent design
Intelligent design and manufacturing is a natural extension of green design and manufacturing. It is also an inevitable choice for enterprises to upgrade their capabilities and reduce costs. It is the ultimate destination for the automation, digitization and network development of the fastener industry. The intelligent design of the fastener design system includes the intelligence of the manufacturing process and the intelligence of the equipment.
3. Service design
Service design and manufacturing is a combination of design and manufacturing services and service-oriented design and manufacturing. It is a new industrial form that combines design, manufacturing and service. The design and manufacture of fasteners is to highlight the main production, strengthen R&D and marketing, and build a full supply chain.

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