How To Prevent Rust From Cap Screws?


Cap screw anti-rust method: 1, rust removal: The rust r […]

Cap screw anti-rust method:

1, rust removal:

The rust removal process of the cap screw treatment is not like the pre-painting treatment method, which uses pickling and rust removal. This is because most of the workpieces processed by the cap screw are high-strength bolt nuts and high-strength stampings, which will cause hydrogen embrittlement after pickling. Affect product quality.

2, painting:

Painting refers to a method of uniformly coating a coating on a surface of a workpiece.

The cap screw coating method adopts different painting methods according to the difference in the workpiece and product quality requirements and is generally divided into three methods of dip coating, spraying, and brushing.

3. Curing:

After the wet film of the cap screw is coated into the surface of the workpiece, the oven is subjected to a baking and curing process, and a cap screw coating is formed by the following reaction changes.

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