How To Detect The Thickness Of Square Bolt Plating


In order to improve the hardness index of the square bo […]

In order to improve the hardness index of the square bolt during use, the thickness of the square bolt needs to be plated before use. How do we check the quality of the square bolt after the thickness of the coating is completed? Next, Haiyan Yihui Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce four detection methods of everyone.

First, the timing flow method

The chrono-flow method uses a solution capable of dissolving a plating solution to a partial surface of a plating layer and calculates the thickness of the plating layer according to the time required for the partial plating layer to dissolve. There are also plating to drip method, anode dissolution coulometric method and the like.

Second, the magnetic method

The magnetic method measures the thickness of the coating layer and is a non-destructive measurement of the non-magnetic coating layer on the magnetic substrate by a magnetic thickness gauge.

Third, the gage method

The amount used has a micrometer, a vernier caliper, a plug gauge, and the like.

Fourth, the microscope method

The microscopy method is called the metallographic method, which is to enlarge the etched fastener on a metallographic microscope with a micrometer eyepiece to measure the thickness of the coating on the section.

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