Introduction Of The Advantages Of Yihui DIN 933 Bolts


  1. High quality, good brands need high quality. DIN 9 […]

  1. High quality, good brands need high quality. DIN 933 bolts are loose and endanger product quality. Quality problems are not tolerated by every enterprise and user of the product.

  2. High efficiency, instead of traditional anti-loosening methods such as various washers, nylon nuts, on-site dispensing, and automatic assembly, it can also reduce the weight of the whole machine, without damaging the surface of the parts being fastened, and increasing the speed of the production line to increase the qualification rate, time is money, and to improve efficiency is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

  3, high standards, Haiyan Yihui is highly automated pre-coating, so the products are consistent, the same standards, the traditional process can not be compared, is currently the most advanced process.

  4. Reuse, the best solution to the problem of fasteners, to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of parts without affecting the anti-loosening function.

  5, environmentally friendly products, because the materials used by Yihui are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

  6. Product safety, the problem of a DIN 933 bolt may cause an accident, and human life is very important.

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