Thinking Of Surface Defects In Square Bolt Manufacturing


  In fact, in almost all metal manufacturing industries […]

  In fact, in almost all metal manufacturing industries, there are one or other requirements for the surface, and some of them are extremely outrageous. In the production of small square bolt, its surface is also following such requirements and regulations. In production, we must respond quickly to possible problems and find timely solutions. Only in this way can we grasp the production process in production and make good control of our product quality. In general, surface defects will have such and such problems of these two links. The first are the beginning of this link. There are many bad phenomena. Then it is worth reflecting on how to avoid such bad phenomena and what causes us to make mistakes like this.

  Phenomenon 1. There is eccentricity. This kind of error is usually a problem with the installation of the second punch or an error in the mechanical adjustment. Phenomenon 2, tilting the head. This kind of problem is the most headache for us. Third, if the head is not round, there must be a problem with our punching tools; Phenomenon 4, cracks, double layers, that is, molding is not our job; Phenomenon 5, there are burrs, except for problems during molding It is also possible that the fine seams of the punching tools are not well grasped; phenomenon six, cracks appear in the head, which indicates that there has been a mistake in our selection of materials.

  The second link are the process of tooth formation. Phenomenon 1. Cracks to appear in the processing. In addition to the adjustment problems, there are also problems with the dental plate. Second, the burns, the spacing is too large, and the time is not mastered. The tail is broken, or the adjustment mechanism is too tight or too loose. Such operations are problematic. Fourth, the skewed rod or the tooth base is rough. It is worthwhile to see whether it is a correction problem or the distance between the teeth. Not well adjusted.

  In fact, we always have this and that kind of problem of the production process, but think carefully about the problems we have and come to our conclusions, we will summarize and avoid such risks of the future. It's important to make bolts.

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