Points To Note For DIN 603 Bolts


  When using DIN 603 bolting fastener materials, factor […]

  When using DIN 603 bolting fastener materials, factors such as pipeline operating pressure, operating temperature, media type, and gasket type should be considered.

  DIN 603 bolts washer types have the same requirements for the material strength of fasteners as the operating pressure and operating temperature.

  For example, the flange connection to low-pressure highly toxic medium pipes sealed with wound gaskets. Although the operating pressure and temperature of the pipes is not high, the specific pressure required to make the wound gaskets form an initial seal is greater. Therefore, it is required that the load of the fastener is also large.

  Therefore, in this case, high-strength alloy steel materials are required for fasteners.

  The nut material is often determined according to the bolt material with which it is fitted. These combinations are specified in general standards. In general, the nut material should be slightly lower than the bolt material, and the hardness of the nut should be lower than the bolt hardness of about HB30 DIN 603 bolts.

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