Technical Innovation Enhancement Of DIN 603 Bolts


  Under the development of the machinery industry, the […]

  Under the development of the machinery industry, the demand for DIN 603 bolts is constantly growing, so the future production and sales of this industry will still maintain a high growth rate.

  As we all know, most of the DIN 603 bolt products that China exports to foreign countries are low-end products, and the products mainly enter the domestic maintenance and spare parts market.

  At present, DIN 603 bolt enterprises have high-end high-value products and create independent innovative brands, which can make domestic anti-loosening screw products better occupy a place in the fierce foreign market.

  Especially in the case of anti-dumping incidents abroad, domestic DIN 603 bolts products of low added value and irrational structure should be paid more attention to.

  To solve the DIN 603 bolt enterprise, professional, systematic and integrated R & D is carried out in all links of the anti-loosening screw industry chain to truly create an independent technological innovation capability, and to promote technological innovation with institutional and management innovation.

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