Six Functions Of Maintenance Cap Screws


Popular with automotive parts, cap screws are often use […]

Popular with automotive parts, cap screws are often used. It is a small part, but it has a great effect, so it is important to maintain the cap screw.
1. Avoidance: anti-loosening devices such as cotter bolts, cap screws, cotter pins, locking screws, safety plates or spring pads installed on the driveshaft bolts, if they are not installed, they may cause serious failure of use. occur.
2. Avoid washing: For the paper air filter of the engine, do not use any oil for cleaning; for leather parts, the cap screws are not suitable for cleaning with oil.
3. Avoid pressure: The cap screws of the air filter and fuel filter cannot be filtered reliably if they are squeezed.
4. Avoiding oil: The paper filter element of the engine dry air filters, if it is stained with oil, will easily cause the mixture of a higher concentration to be sucked into the cylinder, resulting in insufficient air volume, increased fuel consumption, and reduced engine power.
5. Avoid heat: The engine piston temperature is too high, which may lead to overheating and melting and cylinder explosion; rubber seals, cap screws, tires, etc. be overheated, which is prone to premature aging, decreased performance and shortened service life; The coils of the electrical equipment such as the regulator are overheated, which is easy to burn and scrap.
6. Avoiding dirt: If the fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter, and various filters are too dirty, the effect of the cap screw will become worse.

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