Hex Bolt Manufacturer Introduction Applicable Environment


  As the name suggests, the nuts of hexagon bolts are r […]

  As the name suggests, the nuts of hexagon bolts are regular hexagons. It can be inferred that this is easily formulated using a wrench, which is the type of high-strength bolt originally used.

  In the case of wrenches of the same strength and different structures, the structure space of the torsional shear type is small, and the bolt head should be twisted and broken with torsional shear.

  The hexagonal bolt connection pair has two washers, one on each side with the head and the nut, and the torsional shear types high-strength bolt have only one washer on the nut side. Large hexagon head high strength bolts is classified into 8.8 and 10.9 grades, while torsional shear high strength bolts is only divided into 10.9 grades. Large hex head high strength bolts use torque wrenches; high strength bolts with torsional shear type use an electric wrench to unscrew the Torx head.

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