Hex Bolt Manufacturer Tests Bolt Strength


  1. Torque test: The torsion of a product is the abili […]

  1. Torque test: The torsion of a product is the ability to demonstrate its resistance to being twisted into two halving. Various standards have minimum requirements for the torsion force of self-tapping screws. In this test, the hex bolt areclamped to a torsion tester with a tapped middle splitter, and then a torque wrench is applied until the stud is broken. If the torque does not exceed the specified minimum requirements, the product is not qualified. The failure to show that the nail is too soft or the crepe is too small.

  2, lock test: This test is to lock the nail to a test board, the board has the specified hardness/thickness and aperture. If the hex bolt are locked over the test board, but the crepe is deformed, the product is unqualified. Failure to display indicates that the nail surface hardening treatment is too light or too soft.

  3. Locking torque tests: This test is only required if the screw is rolled. When the lock test was performed, the minimum lock torque of the test board was observed. If the torque exceeds the specified standard value (the standard value is based on the size of the nail/surface treatment), the product is unqualified. Unqualified display of the surface of the dowel does not have sufficient lubricity, or the crepe is not properly formed and requires greater torque.

  In the mechanical design and production, the methods to prevent the hexagonal bolts from automatically returning are:

  1, padded spring washer; (simple and easy to do)

  2. Use hexagon bolts + cotter pins; (increased processing steps compared to the same period of last year)

  3. Pad stop washers; (increased processing steps compared to the same period of last year)

  4. Insert the hex head opening of the hexagon bolt into the steel wire. (increased processing steps compared to the same period last year

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