How Does The Roofing Bolts Not Rusts?


  How do burrs occur when Roofing Bolts are cut, ground […]

  How do burrs occur when Roofing Bolts are cut, ground, milled and other similar cutting processes? To improve the performance and service life of the Roofing Bolts, the burrs of the Roofing Bolts must be removed before the Roofing Bolts are used. Electrical Roofing Bolts are common parts in mechanical equipment and are important parts, so surfaces, sharp corners, and edges need to achieve high metal cleanliness. The main methods of deburring are: traditional machining, grinding, polishing and other processes of different degrees of automation.

  Chemical techniques can also be used to remove burrs from Roofing Bolts, which can better guarantee the quality of Roofing Bolts. The Roofing Bolts are in turn immersed in several containers, one of which contains a solution. With a simple soaking process, all burrs can be removed, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and flat, and the corners are smooth, giving users unprecedented high quality. The use of chemical deburring is not only environmentally friendly but also saves a lot of production and personnel costs.

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