How To Develop A Healthy Bolt Factory


In the main domestic bolt production areas, there are m […]

In the main domestic bolt production areas, there are many bolt factories with different scales engaged in the production of low value-added, low-tech and ordinary bolts. This is the so-called overcapacity, which is a real surplus. For this type of industry, it is necessary to adjust the product structure. The bolt factory itself should compress non-production expenses, and the entire industry should control the scale of investment. The same bolt factory, high value-added products, high technical content, and even independent research and development and innovation capabilities, such a bolt factory not only product sales is not a problem, even orders must be lined up for production, full payment, not only profit but also It also greatly reduces capital occupation costs and sales costs.
Speaking of the healthy development of the bolt industry, we say that capacity, the overcapacity of the bolt industry can not be generalized. Simply speaking, overcapacity or simply speaking of insufficient capacity is unscientific and unrealistic. From the market as a whole, the low-end bolt products are currently in a state of saturation or relative saturation. The competition in this field is fierce, the price of products is transparent, the survival condition of bolt factories is difficult, and the investment in R&D investment and new equipment is insufficient. The production capacity of high-end bolt products, especially high-end bolts products, is still relatively insufficient or even blank. Some high-end products still need a large number of imports, not only high prices, but also some European and American countries also use technology protection and high-tech product export restrictions for reasons such as China. Imports.
For the healthy development of the bolt industry, in summary, the experience of the bolt manufacturers is to increase the added value of the products, increase the technical research and development investment of the bolt factory, introduce more advanced equipment, and reduce the production cost of the control bolt factory. An inevitable path of orderly development. I hope that this article will help our users, and finally, I wish everyone can harvest their rich wealth.

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